The Summer Outfit For Every Occasion

20th July 2018

It hasn’t rained in my neck of the woods since May. It has ranged between 23 – 29 degrees for the best part of 2 months, and in all honesty I’m so confused and so is my body.

Honestly has anyone been sweating more than they’ve ever sweated in England before?

I feel like for the first 4 weeks I was preparing for a Noah’s Ark scenario where the heavens opened and we would be up to our eyeballs.

But now I’ve thrown caution to the wind, my handbag umbrella has been cast aside, closed toe shoes have been demoted and who even knows when the last time I saw a pair of jeans.

With all this in mind, when the sun comes out so do the invites. Every bugger wants to sit in a pub garden, go exploring and then onto somewhere else in the evening. Which begs the question, what in God’s name am I meant to wear to about 7 social situations rolled into one?

Gathered bardot crop top – New Look

First things first, for me the perfect bardot is one where I can move my arms around without having to be pulling the top back down. And this baby fits the bill.

As it is fitted around the arms, shoulders and ribs it doesn’t slide around, meaning you’re free to actually put your arms above your head without having a cute new scarf.

You really can’t go wrong with a classic black bardot top, it goes with everything, it instantly makes you look put together. And paired with anything high waisted you have that, ‘you may see a bit of my midriff, you may not, cheeky cheeky’ kinda vibe.

For £9.99 and in every possible colour, it’s a wardrobe staple.

Meek Grande Rosegold Watch – Adexe*

This gorgeous watch is the real star of this outfit, you know it, I know. I’ve wanted a more ‘grown up watch’ for a while, and in all honesty Adexe were the first brand I saw when I started blogging and thought to myself ‘yeah, I want to work with them one day’. A year a bit later, here we are. Dreams do come true kids.

I chose the larger faced rosegold Meek, as it simply goes with everything. It hasn’t come off my wrist since it arrived, and it’s just as well there’s a heat wave as yo girl would be rolling up those sleeves to show it off.

I can’t get over the quality and how well crafted it is for it’s reasonable price tag. Speaking of which, you could get 15% off any of the watches on Adexe’s website with the code ‘BELLAINIZIO15’ until Friday 3rd August if you fancied your own/gaining serious points for birthday presents.

Adexe Meek Grande Rosegold

Adexe Meek Grande Rosegold

Leopard print wide leg trousers – New Look

Man oh man, these lil gems have become my new obsession. They’re leopard print, they’re cropped, they’re wide fit and best of all, they’re high waisted AND elasticated.

Hubba hubba.

The fit is perfect for every kind of body shape, they sit comfortably on the waist without feeling like you’re being cut in half. They cling to all the right places, making yo butt look magnificent and they are a dream when it comes to protecting against chub rub.

Animal print is so ‘in’ at the moment, and you can’t walk to the shops for snacks without seeing someone sporting it. So it is so easy to dress up or down. Meaning you can wear it to possibly every social function going.

Want to go day drinking? Can do. Want to go eat a pub lunch in the sun? Just let me slip on my stretchy pants. Shall we go ‘out out’ after? Let me shooze my hair and slap on some lippie and I’m good to go.

And for under £20, I want an assortment of prints plz and fanxs.

Red bow strap sandals – New Look

Do we sense that there’s a bit of a New Look theme going on? They are killing it recently, I can’t seem to go a lunch hour without having a little wonder, a little lust and a little cry over how much I want with only £6.80 in my account.

These are possibly some of the comfiest sandals I’ve ever owned, there was no ‘breaking them in’ or initial wear blisters. The bottom is cushioned making it so you can walk for miles without your heels feeling like they’ve been squashed, and the red jazzes up an otherwise fairly dark outfit.

New Look sandals are some of the best out there, and they actually have a wider and better range than Primark. Shock. Horror. Don’t hate me.

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  1. 925brands says:

    Keep sharing, stay motivated…

  2. Imperfect Beauty says:

    Great post! I’m such a fan of New Look too 🙂 x

  3. such a cute outfit, LOVE those pants!!

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