Advise You Need To Hear In Your Twenties

5th December 2017

So it’s 12:14am the day this post is meant to be going live. And I am completely stumped for a subject to write about. And in all honesty, this isn’t the first time my ocean of creativity has shrivelled to a mere puddle. It’s been one of those days your brain is working at 47% and no amount of Pepsi Max or Pizza Hut is making a difference. And it got me thinking, about how much pressure I put on myself. And how much pressure there is being in your mid(ish) 20s. So I decided to give all my ‘not knowing what they’re doing’ brethren a list of advise you need to hear in your 20s.

It’s okay to not have a plan

You don’t need to have your 5 year plan in place; you don’t even have to have a plan for next week. What is wrong with taking each day as it comes and soaking up all it has to offer?

You’re allowed to be selfish

This is the only time in your life you have no real commitments, there are no children to support, no mortgage to pay and no one really to answer to but yourself. It’s okay to make decisions based on what you WANT, not what you think you SHOULD do.

You don’t have to know what career you want

This is the time when you should be looking around and seeing what’s out there on offer. And if one isn’t a fit, at least you’ve tried it on and know that it isn’t your style.

Don’t settle

You are too damn young, and too damn beautiful to settle for anything that isn’t the stuff of 90s R&B. Never let yourself make excuses for someone’s behaviour, as you deserve to be treated like the fabulous queen you are.

Have some adventures

My sweet lil papa bear has only ever given me 2 pieces of life advise. The first is as long as you have your health, everything else is trivial. And the second that life is only a collection of memories, so do as much as you can as often as you can. There’s a whole world beyond to comfort of your room.

Never feel pressured by what other people are doing

Whether it’s progressing in work, moving out of your parent’s house or having a baby, never feel like you’re ‘behind’ because you’re not in the same place as someone else. The world would be pretty f’ing boring if everyone was doing the same thing.

Let life happen

Stop looking for signs, and stop making excuses for not doing things. Being afraid and cautious never made for a good auto-biography.

There are no regrets, only lessons

So I can’t do shots, and being a massive lightweight it’s never really been a major concern. However, this one night out I discovered if I throw my head back really quickly I am a shot queen. 4 shots of Sambuca later, I’m laying in a bus stop screaming the words ‘if I die here, tell my mum I love her’. I shouldn’t do shots. Lesson learnt.

What’s your advise for being in your 20s?

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8 responses to “Advise You Need To Hear In Your Twenties”

  1. sofierceblog says:

    Ahh I love this post! Just the motivation I needed to hear 🙂 My advice would be ‘Be Patient’ everything happens in good time, just let it be.. x

  2. Thank you for doing this blog, I will be turning 20 soon

  3. shaunz says:

    Great advise!

  4. Beyoutiful says:

    Love this, great advice girl!!

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