What I’m Wearing & Shopping For AW19

20th September 2019

I don’t like tip toeing around. It honestly fills me with a fiery rage. So for autumn to be teasing us in this manner is doing my head in. One day it’s cold and the knits can just about come out and the next, LOL JK get back in the loft and fetch those shorts it’s 26 degrees again. Let me have one wardrobe Britain, I don’t want my playsuits and teddy coats hanging next to one another, they simply have no business together.

In my mind, the second the clock strikes midnight on 1st September I’m ready for the leaves to change overnight, for the coats to be hanging in the cloak room and fuzzy socks a part of my ‘lazy gal’ uniform. So with this in mind, it’s time for the AW19 wardrobe to come out/be shopped for.

Staple year on year pieces

I will be the first to put my hands up and say that of the 27 knits that I have in bin liners in the loft, waiting for their moment back in the sun. At least 25 of them will come out looking like a family of moths have gotten to them and the 2 surviving will be the ones I didn’t actually love in the first place. Y’know the drill, it’s easier to put them all in storage than actually make the decision to donate/sell things that you’re not completely sold on.

So this year I’ve decided will be different, rather than leaving Primark with a bag full of an assortment of knits and thinking ‘this year will be different’. I’m going to invest my money in to classic knits that will hopefully last me year on year, trying to stop myself falling victim to fast fashion as often as I do. And the same goes for decent black boots; I wear a pair to death every year and mourn them like a lost love when the sole inevitably comes unglued to the rest of the shoe.

Thus, the time has come to reluctantly hand over the debit card and put my money into pieces I can cherish for seasons to come.

Statement accessories

Leopard print, croc effect, tartan, check. You name it I want it. I’ve decided that this year I want a more classic go-to vibe (will probably/definitely change my mind when it comes to implementation). Meaning, where my staple pieces however throwing in pops of print/colour/patterns and whatnot. For example; I’m thinking a pair of black jeans, staple cream knit and leather jacket but *wait for it* leopard print boots.

I absolutely dabbled in this a little bit last year; however was not nearly brave enough to rock it on the regular. So it’s time. Leopard print boots, tartan jackets, coloured bags, it’s happening and I’m excited

Lighter jackets

It has only really dawned on me in the past few weeks that I wear a leather jacket exclusively until it gets cold enough for the teddy/fluffy (hardcore) coats to come out. When in reality, there is a solid 2 months of it not being cold enough to bring out the big guns. Thus, my jacket addiction had spawned another branch. The lighter jacket. I’ve got a light military-esque jacket, a faux suede trench beauty and I picked up THAT Chloe dupe from H&M and my lord she is bloody dreamy.


Man oh man do I want to be that gal who chucks on a beanie/fedora and instantly her whole outfit is enhanced ten-fold. I imagine there’s more work involved in this, however I am on a mission to start accessorising from the neck up and save my ears from the classic ‘my ears have fallen off’ when you get caught in a strong breeze in the dead of winter.


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