The New Editions Jazzing Up My Summer Wardrobe

14th August 2018

So as I went over in my ‘keeping up with the Jones’’ post, I may or may not have become particularly spend happy when it comes to new clothes of late. And when I say ‘happy’ I mean bloody elated. As soon as my wages come into my account I may as well be firing a money cannon across the high-street.

I cannot spend it quick enough, to the point of frantically scrambling around New Look and Primark in my lunch break like I’m seeking out my next high.

It’s become an ever so slight issue, however my wardrobe has gone up about 28 levels and I’ve branched out of the same pair of jeans and tops where the holes aren’t that obvious. It’s a real time to be alive.

So what better way of justifying my hideous spending habits then showing you all some of my fave pieces. Right? Right.

Outfit 1

Ooooh mumma. Culottes and I have had an ongoing love affair over the summer, and I’m thinking of making it a permanent gig. These polka dot babies are the not so distant cousin (exactly the same, just a different pattern) to the leopard print culottes that sparked the romance initially. They are so incredibly comfortable, you can dress them up or down, they suit any body shape, any height and I for one am absolutely buzzing off my face to wear these to death.

I’ve paired it with a basic white tee and red accessories for that little pop of colour. Imagine these with some cute sunnies, some loose curls, sipping on a vodka lemonade on a rooftop bar somewhere. Yes x 1000000

summer wardrobe

Outfit 2

Again, shock, horror a culotte style jumpsuit? GET A LIFE JADE. But there is honestly nothing I want to wear more when it’s warm outside and the chub rub is taunting you.

This mustard coloured linen jumpsuit is one of those that I wish I had found earlier in the season, as I know it would have been my ‘if in doubt’ outfit. Yknow the one where you’re getting sweaty and stressed about what to wear, so you just default back to the same outfit you always wear? That.

However, I am going on 2 holidays in the next month (he-he-he) so this is absolutely perfect for every holiday situation. Travelling outfit? Popping to breakfast? Going on an excursion? Going for some dinner and drinks? Need to put clothes on sharpish before the cleaner walks in? IT COVERS EVERY EVENTUALITY.

And it comes in a multitude of colours. So there’s that.

summer wardrobe

Outfit 3

What is a summer wardrobe without a staple pair of shorts? Anarchy, that’s what.

As a representative of the ‘I have a big butt, big thighs and a not so big waist’ committee, denim shorts and definitely ‘butt shorts’ are a big ol’ juicy no from me thank you. So these tie waist loves from Stradivarius were under £20, they synch in my waist whilst floating over my butt and thighs without being a glorified thong.

Ain’t no one got time to be repeatedly pulling down (or pulling out) shorts that have lodged themselves into your cervix.

summer wardrobe

Outfit 4

Potentially my favourite find of the summer. It embodies everything I have been loving this season a.k.a. animal print, front tie and flowy. This leopard print playsuit is the stuff of dreams. It fits absolutely perfectly, it’ll hide the 17 ice creams and side of chips I’m planning on consuming on holiday, and best of all? It has a front cut out which means you can’t wear a bra.

OH WAAH WHAT A DAMN SHAME. I guess I’ll just have to go braless and suffer not having cleavage sweat and not being poked in the ribs by underwire.

I feel this is a more, ‘we’re off for dinner and I want some cute snaps by the beach of me looking candidly out onto the sea’ outfit. Some black strappy sandals and a little clutch is really all you’ll need as the print is bold enough to do all the talking.

And if not, one of your boobs may pop out, and that’s always exciting.

summer wardrobe


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  1. Joy says:

    Amazing post, I love the second and third outfit!!

  2. Roxanne says:

    Omg love these outfits! My fave is the 3rd one😊🙌🏻 Lovely flatlays too!

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