21 Delicious Slogan Tees Under £25

20th February 2018

I entered the gymnasium yesterday after a 4 month hiatus. Let’s just say walking down the stairs to vacate the premises involved me taking up the entire stairwell and a lot of upper body strength, that I don’t have.

I used to be so good and go to a class 3 times a week, DURING my lunch break.

I know, I was that guy we all hate.

However, once I came home from my holiday (the real reason I was so dedicated hehe), my brain switched back to its default settings of; ‘those biscuits look bloody divine’, and ‘sitting down is pretty bloomin’ lovely’.

And as you may imagine, not many of my clothes look quite the same. We’ve had several incidences where my jeans have been so tight, it’s somehow caused my belly button piercing to undo itself. So I’ve decided to go for the comfort factor.

Because of this, tucking in a slogan tee into a pair of high-waisted jeans has been my classique look for a little while. And I must say, I’ve developed a bit of a love affair with ’em.

So I’ve searched high and low through the depths of the interweb, and found my absolute favies for you all.

Happy shopping my queens, and grab yourself a biscuit – they’re always a fabulous idea.

1.Missy Empire – Boo You Whore, £14.00

2.Miss Selfridge – Always Bee Yourself, £16.00

3.Miss Selfridge – Babe State of Mind, £14.00

4.Boohoo – Ballin’, £10.00

5.Misspap – “Fashun”, £15.00

6.River Island – Queen, £22.00

7.Missy Empire – Boobs, £14.00

8.Missy Empire – No Thank You, £14.00

9.River Island – Tribe of the Good Vibe, £20.00

10.Bershka – Priority, £4.99

11.Nasty Gal – Honey, £15.00

12.ASOS – Girl Power, £12.00

13.New Look – Je T’Aime, £9.99

14.New Look – Voulez Vous, £7.99

15.Boohoo – Femme, £10.00

16.ASOS – My Little Pony, £18.00

17.ASOS – Good Vibes, £14.00

18.ASOS – You Are My Sunshine, £9.99

19.New Look – Jolie, £7.99

20.Nasty Gal – Floral Fuck, £15.00

21.Missy Empire – Gigi Attitude Bella Feelings, £14.00

Be sure to let me know via my social medias if you’ve picked any of these babies up and given them their forever home.

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7 responses to “21 Delicious Slogan Tees Under £25”

  1. Joy says:

    wow Asos has some really cool t-shirts!! I am actually looking for slogan t-shirts so thank you very much xx


  2. Ella May Garrett says:

    Oh my gosh you’ve inspired me to do a (not needed) slogan tee shopping spree! Xxx

  3. Mai Morinel says:

    i got me some slogan/statement shirts to answer family reunion questions.


  4. lifeofangela says:

    I love slogan shirts but I don’t think I have any! I love these, especially the You are My Sunshine one, and Boo You Whore 😀 I’ll have to check out Asos again!

  5. Rebecca Allatt says:

    The boob one is my all time favourite 😂❤️ x

  6. love a slogan tee tucked into high-waisted jeans! it’s such an easy & low-key look 🙌🏻

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