The Beauty Bits Preparing Me For Spring

30th March 2018

I use the term ‘Spring’ loosely, as we are in fact meant to have our THIRD incidence of snow for 2018. 2018 has only seen 3 months. What fresh hell is this?


I’m pretending that I’m not still wearing boots and scarves and multi-layering, and in fact have begun to shift my beauty regimes towards Spring. And have purchased/dug out some beauty bits that are helping me feel more seasonally appropriate.

Essie, Treat Love Colour 65 – Crunch Time

I picked up this lil gem in Superdrug for 2 reasons; a) the colour is tres cute and v ‘I have my sh*t together’ and b) because it actually helps repair any damage your nails have suffered and keeps them strong.

The colour pay off it fabulous and I’m happy to report that they lasted a whole week without a single chip. However, I am now deep into week 2 and really should be ashamed of what they look like. Ah well, just livin’ my trampy life.

Marc Jacobs, Daisy Eau So Fresh Perfume

If you could bottle up Spring, it would be this perfume. Marc Jacobs Daisy is an utter classic, however if you’re looking for something a little different this is for you. Very similar however it’s a slightly lighter and fresher than its predecessor.

Perfect for convincing yourself that Spring has sprung.

Simple, Oil Balancing Moisteriser

Now, as a post acne sufferer, anything that would give me additional moister on my face was a no go. And 2 years on, I’m only just coming out of that mentality. I haven’t used a moisteriser more than 4 times in 2 years.


However, as I’m fast approaching my quarter of a century birthday, I’ve actually started to notice some fine lines. So in true form I looked at them all in a magnified mirror, had a little cry and decided that having some spots would be better than looking like a saggy handbag in a few years time.

And I must say, I’ve been bloody loving it. My skin is plumper, smoother, my makeup applies more evenly. And *touch wood* because the Simple moisteriser is ‘oil balancing’ I’ve only had 2 new spots over the past few weeks.

And that in itself is a modern day miracle.

Botanics, Organic Facial Oil

To really shake things up in my immediate panic of ‘I-have-crows-feet’, I decided to be one of those people that use a facial oil.

And I must say I have completely converted.

I now use half a drop of the Botanics Facial Oil mixed into my Simple moisteriser, and my skin is supple beyond belief. It would be quite easy to overdo it with the oil, but to my fellow ‘you could cook chips on my face’ gals, give this duo a whirl. I don’t have to blot every hour and a half anymore and I have so much more free time.

Although, make sure you do the lid up on the oil properly, as there will be a slight sheen on all your belongings for the rest of time.

What are your Spring beauty faves?

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  1. Love the shade of the nail polish, so perfect for Spring. Lovely picks girl. xx

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