5 Things To Know Before You Attend A Blogging Event

18th May 2018

So a few weeks ago … we all know the drill, I’ve harped on about going to the Cosmo Self Made Summit enough times. But just one more time, it was awesome. Officially done now I swear.

However as this was the first event I’d been to in my little blogger life, I was extremely unprepared. I spent a good while scouring the internet for some kind of helpful advise that would magically make me less of an awkward weirdo. Alas, the pickings were slim. So I’m going to share what I learnt at my first event, so you can all skip the ‘oh ma gad I don’t know anyone, no one will like me’ stage.

Plan your journey

The prospect of getting lost, especially in London, is a real fear for me. And when you’re going to an event for the first time, you don’t know anyone and you don’t know what to expect. The last thing you want is to be hysterically calling your mum asking her to get onto Google and help you find your way.

So have it all prepared before you leave the house, so it alleviates that lil unwanted panic.

Your outfit

I spent roughly 892 hours relentlessly scrolling through the ‘new in’ section of every clothing website I could think of. I wanted to be that cool and effortlessly on trend girl that people take a mental note of what they’re wearing. However this isn’t me in my day to day, so why should it be now?

Do not stress about your outfit. Where something that makes you feel great, as appose to being merely ‘on trend’. As you confidence is going to be light-years higher in something you love, rather than something maybe someone else will.

Not everyone knows everyone

I turned up to my event completely solo. When I walked in it seemed that everyone was sat with someone else and having a grand ol’ time. However when I looked a bit closer, it was obvious there was so many people like myself sat on their own frantically scrolling through their phone.

And this is where connections are made. I walked up to a few tables and literally said the words ‘are you here on your own as well’. Everyone I met was so lovely, and the genuine relief on people’s faces was amazing.

Think of it like the first day of school, people want to make friends so be the person that goes out and takes the first step.

Don’t let nerves get the best of you

It is going to be daunting, and it is going to be slightly overwhelming. But these events are literally designed to get people mingling, getting you involved head first into whatever the focus of the event is, and for you to have fun. It’s not a trap or plot to make you feel awkward. Enjoy yourself.

Take business cards

I’m not saying it’s a complete necessity, however I found it so helpful if I met someone that I wanted to stay connected with. My business cards simply have my name, my blog address and my social media handles. It’s a simple way to stay connected, and let’s not lie. It’s fancy AF.


3 responses to “5 Things To Know Before You Attend A Blogging Event”

  1. Thanks for these tips! I have only been to one blogging event but reflecting on it I was so nervous I didn’t get to enjoy myself so next time (if there is a next time, I hope) I would have learnt my lesson and just embrace and enjoy it and not be so awkward!

    Sinead | http://www.subjectbeauty.com

  2. ksloves says:

    Okay this literal event just happened for me last week!! I definitely can relate to showing up solo, but also dealing with a few “higher than mighty” attitudes. Once I worked my way through the crowd, trying to chat up others, I met some very cool girls!! Put in the effort and you will receive in return. great post!

  3. Siyana says:

    I’ve never been to a blogging event on my own, but I can imagine it can be a difficult experience. I loved your tips, especially the last one – you can never be wrong with a few business cards in your pocket haha.

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