Props To Help Create A Dreamy Looking Flatlay

11th February 2018

I did a post about my basic flatlay props about 3 months ago, however I would like/hope to think I’ve improved in that time. If not, I’ll just show myself out and try not to let the door hit me.

I spend most of my time on Instagram, not thinking about how crap the algorithm is (as we can all safely agree, its pretty poor) but instead saving flatlay snaps I love to give me some inspo for later.

So, I thought I would return the favour if any of you have felt like me. That sometimes your snaps are looking a bit ‘meh’ and ‘repetitive, and in need of a bit of a spruce up.

Change your angle & area

The easiest and cheapest way I’ve recently found to shake up your images is to actually change locations. Get some different lighting, some different backgrounds. It may get the creative juices flowing.


This is one of my faves at the moment. In the New Year I decided I actually wanted to read some material that would make me feel like a sassy queen. Rather than reading about how Kerry Katona is yo-yo dieting again, leave the poor babe alone.

I’ve especially been loving the cult classic ‘The Life Changing Magic Of Not Giving A F**k’, it’s a fabulous read and it looks pretty good in the view finder too.

Props To Help Create A Dreamy Looking Flatlay


JPG’s Scandal wins the prize for the coolest bottle, right? And it smells delicious, so who wouldn’t want that kind of jazz in their photos?

I even found a perfume bottle in H&M home that you fill up yourself that is fricken stunning. The saying is ‘you can’t go wrong with perfume’ for a reason.


I’ve mentioned stationary before, but it doesn’t need to be exclusively cute notebooks from Urban Outfitters. Pens, pencils, paper clips, bulldog clips – pop into Sainsburys and you’ll find the Mecca of all things organisation to scatter around a flatlay.

Props To Help Create A Dreamy Looking Flatlay

Mugs & coasters

I’m simply enabling you to go out there and purchase some adorable novelty mugs – for the sake of the blog and all. You’re welcome, hehe. ASDA, Primark and Tesco have some of the best homeware on the market and their mug selection is the stuff of dreams.

And then we come to coasters. I’ve developed a bit of a thing about coasters recently. Mainly since finding the most gorgeous geode coasters on sale in Anthropology. If you’re saving, or just value your money I wouldn’t check them out. They have the most scrumptious homeware, but it will require the sacrifice of one of your kidneys. Good thing God was good enough to grace me with two.


Every blogger this side of the hemisphere has skipped into Paperchase and stocked up on the motivational and downright adorable postcards their shifting. I went in with the intention of purchasing a single post card. £15.60 later I had an envelope full and was as happy as a pig in poop.

I feel like they add a little quirk to a photo, and if you’re struggling for inspo they’re magical at tying a photo together.

Props To Help Create A Dreamy Looking Flatlay

Gift wrapping equipment

There are some people with a natural flare for making a gift look like the present itself. Where you don’t want to rip into it and ruin their work. I am not one of these people. However, I do own ribbon and bows in a variety of colours, sizes and textures. And these will be draped strategically to give a flatlay that extra girly touch.

Makeup with pretty packaging

There are a few makeup items I won’t use as they are marked as solely for photos. Usually/always a lipstick or palette in the most glorious packaging. Everyone is obsessed with Charlotte Tilbury, and if I were in the financial position to have multiple CT products, sure they would be smeared all across my flatlays. However, my token CT items are shall we say, well loved?

So a Ted Baker lipstick that is too pink for me, but is in beaut packaging it is.

What are your must have flatlay props?

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Props To Help Create A Dreamy Looking Flatlay


2 responses to “Props To Help Create A Dreamy Looking Flatlay”

  1. lifeisaseasyas says:

    Great tips! I feel like I need a good background and I love using different props! X

  2. Nadine says:

    These are some great tips! My go-to flat lay prop is quite random; I use a decorative scatter cushion as a backdrop to the items on. It adds quite a bit of texture to the photo. 🙂

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