Things That Made January Less Pants

9th February 2018

Can we get a collective sigh of relief that January is finally over? The darker days are slowly starting to draw out, payday has finally graced us with its presence and all the Easter eggs are on the shelves a mere 3 months early. What a time to be alive.

I’ve been slacking on the blog front throughout January, and as I outlined in my ‘can we stop pretending to be perfect online’ post, it’s been making me a teeny bit anxious. However, I have been trying and absolutely fallen in love with some new goodies so let’s get into the goodies.

Tresemme, Breakage Defence Reconstruction Treatment Masque

I picked this lil babe up on sale in Superdrug on a whim. And it changed my hair game. I’ve vaguely mentioned it before that I only wash my hair twice a week if that (I can sense the ‘ew’ as you read that sentence). I could write a dedicated post on this, but essentially it keeps my hair in much better nick. So when I do so happen to wash ma mane, I normally use a hair masque to keep it feelin’ sassy AF.

It smells bloody delicious, it’s so insanely thick and luxurious that it just seems to smooth over any damage and glue back together those split ends. Once I’ve used it my hair will feel soft and will be frizz free until I use it again. Especially with all the typhoon-esque rain we’ve had here in the Great British Isles.

It’s a bloomin’ miracle.

Makeup Revolution, Conceal & Define Concealer

The internet has lost it’s rag over these badboys. They’ve been deemed the dupe for the Tarte Shape Tape, and in all honestly they’re BOMB. I’ve used it everyday to conceal my under eyes and any aggressive looking spots, and it’s saddens me to say it. But I prefer it to the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer.


They’re so smooth, such high coverage without feeling cakey and there’s a bucket load of inclusive shades. It’s doubtful there’ll ever be a time when I’m not carrying one in my makeup bag at all times.

Dare I say it’s become my holy grail? I think I dare.

Freedom, Eyebrow Pomade in ‘Chocolate’

I started a love affair with the NYX Tame & Frame pomade last year, and thought there was nothing I could love more. Until this queen sashayed into my life. And made carving out da brows less of a bloomin’ chore.

The Freedom brow pomade has 3 major advantages over the NYX Tame & Frame:

  1. The formulation is creamier, making for easier application.
  2. It’s about half the price.
  3. You get essentially double the amount.

Thermaliv. Night Cream

I’ve gone on about this night cream in probably every blog post throughout January. But it is my obsession. It plumps the skin, increases cell turn over, and gives you that dewy au natural skin we’re all lusting after. And the smell genuinely makes my eyes cross and puts my hairs on end.

It’s f’ing majestic.

Netflix, Punisher

I’ll just say it. I bloody well love Marvel. Like loooove Marvel. So after watching Daredevil on Netflix (top drawer once you get into it), I knew that Punisher was going to be right up my street. And it did not disappoint. Boyf and I binged the whole series in 3 sittings.

The story line is fantastic, full of action – a lot of it being completely brutal, to the point even boyf had to look away, and amazingly acted. And I couldn’t recommend starting a love affair with ma main man Frank Castle anymore.

What’ve you been loving lately?

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Things That Made January Less Pants


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  1. Everyone seems to hate January lol

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