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14th October 2017

There are just certain products that everyone seems to know about. You’re not sure where you’ve heard it, or how credible the resource is but still you choose to believe. Examples of these cult classics seem to be the Laura Mercier Finishing Powder, Too-Faced’s Better Than Sex Mascara and anything that Jeffree Star seems to touch. However, I’ve been led down the garden path with these little guys. Told that they were amazing products and potential duplicates for their more expensive counterparts. ‘You have to try xxx it’ll change your life’. And some of the time, I’m happy to report it’s true. Yet here I am with a huge box of makeup I hardly use because it’s a box of lies. So let’s get into the disappointing products.

W7 Beat It! Eyeshadow Palette

I was told this was a heavenly dupe for one of the Urban Decay Naked Palettes. And so, me being an utter basic biatch, I scuttled off and chucked my money at it. I came home absolutely buzzing and saw the colours, I was so excited only to find that it was all a chalky mess. There was so much fall out, to the point it was impossible to create any kind of look as they wouldn’t blend together and you had half of it on your top. Boo.

W7 Beat It! Eyeshadow Palette

MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation

I’ve ranted about this so much before that I dedicated a whole post to it. So it wouldn’t be right to exclude it from makeup that broke my heart. If you’d like to see my mini melt down post click HERE. Everyone said it was so good, everyone said my skin would be flawless. LIES. It was like putting actual paint onto my skin. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation

Maybelline Instant Anti-Age – The Eraser Eye

On YouTube, on blogs, on everything, people go on about how this is their Holy Grail under-eye concealer. How it makes it like no dark circle or bags have ever made their forever home on your face. Well unless my dark circles are worse than everyone’s on the internet, I don’t get it. It’s alright. There was just no wow factor. I’ve been using my beloved Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer for my under-eye circles for years and it’s liquid magic. So maybe it just can’t compete. Whatever it is, the verdict is a solid meh.

Maybelline Instant Anti-Age – The Eraser Eye

Benefit Bad Girl Mascara

I think the world and its wife have heard someone mention this mascara. How it lengthens, gives volume and separation to your lashes. Everything we all want to hear. Well, it didn’t lengthen, it didn’t separate, but boy oh boy did it give volume. I say volume, what I mean to say is magically made all my lashes turn into 3 matted stumps. The heart break was real.

Benefit Bad Girl Mascara

What products have broken your heart?

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6 responses to “Disappointing Products | The Hype Led Me Astray”

  1. Cordelia. says:

    I agree with the maybelline concealer! I tried so hard to find the appeal but simply cant! :/

  2. Siyana says:

    I also never liked this concealer, and I thought I was the only one 😀

  3. Nour Khalil says:

    I am SO with you on the concealer. I don’t get the hype

  4. I agree with the Mac foundation, I was so disappointed after spending so much on it!

  5. Completely agree about the concealer, really don’t understand the hype about it, wasn’t highlighting and just not for me unfortunately! x

  6. I agree the maybelline concealer is extremely meh! I never got into the rave about it. Great post 💕💕

    Pearl || http://thepearlylife.com

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