The High Street Summer Outfits I’m Living In

9th June 2019

Could it be? Is it she? Sacrebleu invaders.

Now we’ve got the Disney quote out of the way, HI HELLO CHERUBS.

It’s been a minute (3 months but who’s counting?) since my last post, and to be perfectly honest I feel a little rusty at this blogging lark so I’m just going to jump straight in.

February until this very instance has been quite the ride but to summarise; Ben and I bought and moved into our first home, I started a new job in London and I had my first professional photoshoot.

I know, I have whiplash just reading it too. To say my brain has been functioning at 37% for the duration of that time would be a generous statistic. So, with this in mind I’m going to break these horrendously huge milestones into manageable pieces.

Seeing as I need some serious time to recover from the trauma that is mortgages and everything associated, we’ll start with the photoshoot and the outfits I have been drooling over now the summer months are here.

So first off I had my photoshoot with the amazing Stacey White. I was so nervous before I met up with her that sunny Saturday afternoon wheeling around my obnoxiously loud suitcase. What do we talk about? How am I going to loosen up in front of a complete stranger? What if I hate what I look like in all of the photos?

I had nothing to worry about, within a few minutes I felt like I’d known her for years. She was warm and welcoming and just had a way of putting me at ease from the start. We essentially had a 2 hour giggling session and the proof is in the pudding, I’m having a whale of a time in every shot.

So lemme show you the summer outfits I am absolutely in love with:

Outfit 1

summer outfits

Crop top: Topshop
Shorts: River Island
Shoes: Topshop

Outfit 2

summer outfits

summer outfit

Dress: River Island
Layered necklaces: Muru (gifted)

Outfit 3

summer outfit summer outfit

Crop top: New Look
Skirt: New Look

Outfit 4

summer outfit summer outfit

Jumpsuit: New Look

Outfit 5

summer outfits summer outfits

T-shirt – Topshop
Silk midi skirt – Topshop


3 responses to “The High Street Summer Outfits I’m Living In”

  1. morgiereacts says:

    GIRL. When are you going to be in Vogue??? You stunning thing. xx

  2. These are all so gorgeous. I particularly love that last one – I can really imagine exploring a hit sunny city in that ensemble. B x

  3. Imogen Rose says:

    LOVE outfit 5! Super cute <3 X Imogen

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