7 Ways To Get Out Of That Lingering Bad Mood

5th June 2018

Y’know those moods that you seem to just all of a sudden seem to spiral into.

Nothing much has particularly happened, but you can’t seem to shake the feeling that a good old tantrum is exactly what the doctor ordered?

However now you’re over the age of 6, punching someone in the throat or having a good old weep would suffice just as well.

This has been me the past few days, unable to work out if I’m angry or sad for no real reason and getting even more annoyed if anyone asks what’s the matter.

Must remain calm, zen, happy thoughts, do not bite their head off Jade.

So I thought I’d share with you how I’ve pulled myself out of this bizarre little slump.

See people that lift your mood

Whether it’s your boyf, gf, Mumma, best friend. Make time to see the people that always bring a smile to your face, regardless of what is going on.

A little time nattering away and potentially eating some delicious snacks really is a remedy for any kind of down mood.

Make or research future plans

Personally, I have to be busy. Not having plans, or things to look forward to genuinely fills me with the ‘oh boohoo, what is the point in me?’ feels. And they are the worst kind of feels.

Even if you can’t afford to do anything right now, do some research about things you would like to do. And if there’s no charge, there’s no harm in booking yourself in just for your own sanity, right?

And things don’t always have to cost a lot of money, making plans for a picnic on a Saturday in your local park is so cheap and so underrated.

Doll yourself up

This is something that is almost guaranteed to make me feel a little better about myself. Slapping on some lipstick, sorting my birds nest-esque hair out and putting an outfit on that makes me feel like me. Feeling good about your appearance is such an easy and sure fire way to elevate that mood.


Don’t hate me, I already hate me a little for suggesting it. But it totally and completely works. I have been going to a couple of classes at my gym a week, and it’s made such a difference to my overall mood.

Don’t get me wrong, it still utterly loathe dragging myself there, doing the actual workout and clutching my chest from an imminent asthma attack. But once it’s all done and dusted and your hair feels like you’ve dunked your head in the sink, ooo Mumma those happy hormones.

And that is not limited to going to the gym, do a little home work out, take the dog for a walk, go the long way to the shops to get whatever snacks your heart desires. Just get movin’.

Create something

Whether it’s taking some photos, going on Pinterest and creating a lavish looking cake that is only meant to be 219 calories for the entire thing. Being creative and having something to show for your time, and a way to channel that negative energy into something positive. It can only be a good thing for the soul.

Taking a moment for yourself

If you’re in work and lol, okay can’t have a lil cry at my desk because someone will probably see. Take yourself away for 5 minutes, and just breathe. Take a minute to reflect on all the good going on.

Failing that you can call your Mumma for a 3 minute sob session and spend the next 2 feeling better and trying to un-clump your mascara.

Distract yourself but not on social media

Does anyone else seem to spiral into a deeper ‘I’m such a sad lil potato’ if they wonder onto social media when they’re down?

Seeing photos of perfect social media people, living these seemingly perfect lives, with their bloody flawless complexions, bangin’ bods and outfits to match is a bit more than my soul can handle sometimes.

So distract yourself, but not on IG or Twitter. Do those jobs that have been looming and mocking you on your to-do list for what seems to be all your life. Reorganise that ‘this has no home, so can live in this drawer’, declutter your wardrobe that seems to have crusty clothes from when you were in school, throw away all those socks that you’ll hold onto just in case you find its counterpart.

Ticking things off a list is a sure fire way to feel accomplished, and kick that bad mood to the curb.


9 responses to “7 Ways To Get Out Of That Lingering Bad Mood”

  1. Holly says:

    This is definitely me today- although mother nature is lurking just around the corner so shes really to blame 😁 fab post chick xxx

  2. Joy says:

    This is a great post, I totally agree with all of these points especially the last one. I tend to get easily affected by what I see on instagram so distracting myself by doing something else like cleaning my room, is very helpful!!

  3. I always like to wear one of my favorite outfits when I’m feeling down! love this post, some really great tips 🙂

  4. Addictionaffliction says:

    Thanks for this. Needed it today

  5. Laura says:

    I always feel so much better after doing my hair & makeup and wearing a nice outfit! I’ve been meaning to start exercising because so many people say how much better you feel after it xx

    • bellainizio says:

      It’s such a small thing but it makes such a difference! As well as all the other benefits, it releases the happy hormones – reason to go in itself 🙂 xxx

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