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5th August 2017

Hello my little loves! I feel very lucky to have received some goodies from Stevie K cosmetics, the latest brand in the land down under! Who actually haven’t launched in the UK yet, but keep your eyes peeled later in the year. I received 2 fabulous lipsticks and some BRIGHT eyeshadow which I am already obsessed with.

Initial thoughts

I ordered a perfect nude lipstick in the shade ‘King Kylie’, a deep plum/berry lipstick in the shade ‘Port Side’ and a vivid electric blue eyeshadow in the shade ‘Hell or High Water’. The outer packaging itself is very retro 90s with a modern twist i.e. rose gold, which I am absolutely loving. The actual packing is classic, matte black with the ‘Stevie K’ embossed onto the bottom of the lipstick and ‘S.K’ printed on the lid of the eyeshadow. The lipsticks feel like luxury as they quite weighted when you hold them, with soft close feature when you put the lid back on.
Stevie K Cosmetics packing lipstick in King Kylie, Port Side and eyeshadow in Hell or High Water

Pigmentation and application.

The swatches speak for themselves. The pigmentation is crazy, as you really don’t need much of the products to get the colours to shine through. The lipsticks were so creamy and hydrating, they glided onto my lips and for the first time I didn’t have to use a lip balm before putting my lipstick on. The lipstick sat comfortably on my lips with no top ups for hours upon hours, and they stayed creamy for the entirety of their wear. The eyeshadow is the same story. It did however feel a little chalky to the touch and with a bit of fall out. However, the colour payoff and the blend-ability you just can’t argue with.
swatches of Stevie K Cosmetics King Kylie, Port Side and Hell or High Water

Final thoughts

The brand itself will become a household name before long, as their products are such fabulous quality. They are a little on the pricer side, but for the luxury you get it really is worth the extra. The creaminess of the lipsticks mean that they will last and last as top ups really aren’t an issue. The eyeshadows are a little on the extreme side with their ‘in your face’ colours but you get exactly what’s on the tin. I sincerely hope that they start to expand their range of colours and their variety of products, as I’ll be the first in line to try the entire collection. ‘King Kylie’ is going to be a staple in my lipstick collection, that I have already worn to death. I suggest you get on their website and place yourself a cheeky order if you’re in the US or Australia HERE. If you’re like me and in the UK or Europe, it’ll be a bit of a wait – but it’ll be worth it!

makeup look featuring Stevie K cosmetics in the shade King Kylie

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  1. Siyana says:

    The nude lipstick is stunning!!

  2. Cordelia. says:

    Hi! I’ve nominated you for the blogger recognition award. I hope you’ll check it out!

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