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20th March 2018

It feels like a lifetime since I’ve written my beloved Birchbox monthly review. And in all honesty, it has been.

February’s box was, shall we say, a bit shit? To the point I didn’t even want to write about it – it was that deep.

However, they have well and truly won back my heart with perhaps my favourite box to date, the ‘Mindfulness’ box.

And this has come at the perfect time. I’ve been fairly absent from my blog and social medias of late, and I’ve reflected and spent some serious one-on-one time with myself.

(A.K.A watching an assortment of TV series with an even broader assortment of snacks.)

BLAQ – Peel Off Mask

It’s one of those charcoal masks that ‘purifies and removes toxins from the skin’. When in fact we all know that is roughly translated to ‘rips all the crap out from your skin while you try not to cry’, and I am bloody delighted.

It maybe the typical girl in me, but hot damn do I love to look at what nasties come out in a pore strip, so a whole face? F YES QUEEN.

Plus I’ve recently started going to the gym again in my lunch break – I even went to spin class yesterday, (I thought I was going to drown in my own sweat). So I canny bloody wait to see what gets evicted from my grotty ol’ pores.

Manna Kadar Cosmetics – Radiance Split Pan Bronzer & Highlighter Duo

Not a name that naturally rolls off the tongue, but lord above this is a nice duo. Both shades are incredibly rich and pigmented, albeit with its fair share of shimmer. I think this would make the perfect contour and highlight in the summer with a serious tan, in the meantime this baby is going all up on my eyelids.

Spectrum Collections – C06 Tulip Eye Contour Brush

And I of course will be applying my newfound eyeshadow duo with this gorgeous eye contour brush. It’s so incredibly fluffy and dense, making it the perfect lil guy to blend and smoke out a bold look.

I’m still loving the Spectrum brush I received in December’s box, and this baby will sit proudly next to her sister and make my eyeshadow seem like I know what I’m doing.

Sebamed – Clear Face Antibacterial Cleansing Foam

The fact the words ‘antibacterial’ and ‘foam’ are used to describe a facial cleanser has seriously got me excited. As I’ve started back up at the gym (let’s see how long it lasts this time), my skin has been feeling a tad emotional.

So something that will gently take away all the sweat and residue, and not leave my skin feel stripped and raw is an A++ from me.

Benefit – BADgal BANG! Volumising Mascara

Ladies and gentlemen, the star of the show, BADGAL BANG!

This lil gem only launched a couple of weeks ago – I think every blogger was watching with bated breath on the IG stories of influencers in the Maldives (1. jel, 2. lol) awaiting the grand reveal.

However since its launch there has been mixed reviews about the product itself. It seems to be the Marmite of the Benefit range.

Watch this space for a full review. Mainly because my Mumma opened it and now I’m forced to used it before it dries up.

Sweet damn woman.


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  1. The box is so cute! I can’t wait for your full review on the mascara!

    Tori |
    Latest blog post: Can I use photographs from the Internet? Tips to ensure your blog isn’t breaking the law

  2. A couple of boxes ago I also received the bronzer/highlighter duo and I too use it as an eyeshadow! I love it so much, such pretty colours xx

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