4 Easy Ways To Improve Your DA Score

1st June 2018

If you have your own domain or are self hosted you’ll be aware of your DA score. For those who are just finding their way, fear not. Your DA (Domain Authority) score is simply how well your site ranks on Google. The higher the ranking the higher it scores on Google searches, the more traffic it is likely to receive and so on. It is ranked out of 100 however, it’s only sites such as Facebook and Google itself that is likely to rank at the very top.

Brands in particular are hot to ask for your DA score, as it obviously provides them with more exposure and seems to be a bit of a basis on how much they are willing to work with you. However it is not everything just for clarity.

If you fancy checking out your own score, simply visit Moz.com and enter your sites URL for a full breakdown.

Improving your score and reaching that next level can seem impossible sometimes, and pretty bloody disheartening if you’ve worked hard to improve your site. So here are a few quick and easy ways to boost your score before the next update.

Collaborating with other bloggers

Joining forces with other blogger for a joint post is a sure fire way to improve your DA score, meet some lovely new people and push the boundaries of your blog. I’ve personally done a few of these in the past with some lovely girls, the latest post a joint effort with Rebecca discussing our hero foundations for our skin types. And if both of you are willing, add a link to the others blog/ and or post, thus you’re creating another path to your blog and strengthening your credibility.


Another is simply time. Time for your blog to grow in age, mature and prove that it is trustworthy. So if you’re fairly new on the block, don’t panic if your score seems low. Give it a couple of months and regardless of everything else, you should see some improvements.

Fix broken links

This is huge, and something you will be penalised for. If your blog is littered with expired links, whether it’s from a link to a piece of clothing that is no longer on the website to someone commenting their own link in a comment that is no longer available. You need to either fix them or discard them entirely. As it makes your website appear as spam, and damaging the reliability of your site.

I have even had my score decrease quite drastically as a result of ignoring my broken links. However all is not lost, there’s a widget for that. You can simply download a broken link checker widget that will inform you of any broken links and give you options to fix them. Simple.

Link your posts together

Mapping out your own links, again, so simple and yet it gets forgotten so often. If you were writing a post all about your favourite makeup look for example. And you list a mascara that you have done a full review for, link back to it. By creating all these connections it makes each post more trustworthy, and your site as a whole.

I will say don’t over do it. Don’t link back to everything and anything that is vaguely related, as it may flag as spam. It’s a fine line, however if there is a strong relevance then go for it.


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  1. This was such a helpful post lovely! Sometimes it can be so hard to improve your DA and you feel like your hard work isn’t paying off Xx

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