August’s Goals: Holding Myself Accountable

10th August 2018

I have been incredibly slack recently. I’ve been getting in from work, sitting on my bed and scrolling through IG and Twitter for what feels like 15 minutes. I look at my watch and okay, good, great it’s half 9 and I still have my shoes on.

I found that when I set myself these goals and posted them out onto the internet, I had some form of accountability. Then I had to take notice and yknow, not watch 4 hours of Brooklyn 99 of an evening -the 20 minute episodes are a slippery slope, ‘just one more and then I’ll get on’ (liar liar pants on fire).

And so here we are, approaching the Autumn of 2018 and in all honesty I’m not where I want to be. I haven’t been as productive as I would have liked, I haven’t achieved as much as I was aiming for, but it’s fine. It’s never too late to start or change so, a few things I would like to have achieved by September (ish).

Stop drinking fizzy drinks during the week

I have got into a bad habit of reaching 2:30 in the afternoon at my desk and strolling to the vending machine and picking up a bottle of Pepsi Max to ‘perk me up’. Not only is it money that sneakily adds up, and the fact this particular vending machine takes contactless card payments is simultaneously the best and worth thing.

I also had a dream that I had a mouth full of cavities, so yknow even my subconscious is screaming ‘GIRL STOP’.

Go to the gym at least twice a week

I was so dedicated a few weeks/months ago. I was toddling off to my spin classes twice a week and going for two separate sessions on top of that. And I was feeling the benefits and the endorphins were pumping, and then I had a couple of days off and someone asked if I wanted to skip the gym and go and get Subway cookies instead and here we are.

I’m paying for a membership that I’m not using to its full potential, I’m moaning that I’m starting to feel squishy and the bloody nurse told me how much I weighed at my check-up. I hadn’t until this point weighed myself in around 7 months, so I wasn’t elated let’s put it that way.

I don’t really care about weight, it’s more about how I feel and can I still get into my fave pair of jeans, and we’re approaching dangerous territory. So let’s get back to it.

Stop scrolling through my phone all evening

I am not allowed to plop myself on my bed and mindlessly scroll through varies social media sites. I want to have more productive evenings, were I’m organised and motivated. My blog, social channels and general mental health has suffered as a result of not being more productive and it’s time to take back the reigns.

Secure one brand collaboration

I had such an exciting opportunity last month to work with Adexe London, a real blogging highlight for me as they were the first brand I saw when I started in this little community that I wanted to work with.

Not only that I have seen so many bloggers I totally adore and admire making such fantastic progress, having such wonderful opportunities to be creative and show off their work.

So this month I want to follow in their footsteps and try and secure a brand collaboration that gives me the chance to show what I’m made of, that pushes me creatively and gives me a much needed career kick up the butt.


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