Boots Haul | What You Can Get for 5,000 Points

19th September 2017

I don’t think there’s a single female in Britain that doesn’t carry around her Boots card at all times. Mine has pride of place in my purse alongside my ID and debit card, it’s that important in my life. And I for one have had my card for 7 years, and never touched my points. (Excluding that awkward time my card got declined, and yo gal needed a bacon sandwich in her life). So you get 4 points per £1 you spend, and I have managed to accumulate over £50 worth. Please no one work out what the means I’ve spent, some mysteries are better left unsolved! So like most lunch breaks I was scanning the makeup counters in Boots, lusting after a whole range of goodies as per usual. As I’m saving to move out with my boyf, huge makeup splurges are becoming few and far between. When all of a sudden, a wave of rebellion fell upon me. ‘Use your points’ it whispered. ‘You deserve it’, it said. And you know what, #yolo so I grabbed a basket and went a bit mental. I skipped over to the self-checkout tills and pressed the ‘pay with points’ icon. My bank balance and myself have never felt such joy. So without further ado, here’s a Boots haul worth 5,000 points.

Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour in the shade 200 ‘soft beige’

In all honesty, one of my best gal pals was telling me all about this little baby and how she’d been on the hunt for the best high coverage foundation that didn’t crack as the day went on. So Thals, I’m relying on you! Gimme a goodun’.

Rimmel #Insta Fix & Go Setting Spray

I’ve seen a lot of hype around this guy, and I’m on the hunt for the perfect setting spray. If the #insta ploy is just that, there’ll be hell to pay. I’ve got mega oily skin so a setting spray is just a part of life, if I don’t want to look like I’ve rolled about in a river of chips.

Rimmel Lipstick Lock

I have no other excuse than the sign for the 3-4-2 pulled me in, it would be a waste of money otherwise, right? Now, I don’t know if it’s just me being a bit stupid, but I just cannot work out how to make dark lipstick look good on me. So hopefully, using this over the top of my blotted lipstick will make it look semi okay!

Collection Lasting Perfection in Fair

I literally cannot bring myself to purchase another under the eye concealer. I’d feel as though I was cheating on my beloved, and I’m just too loyal. And we have the 2,835th repurchase and I regret nothing.

NYX Lip Lingerie in 09 Corset

I’ve decided I need to up my game and get fully on board the 90s train. And this warm brown colour is right on trend, as well as it being a liquid lipstick that everyone is going crazy for at the moment. Having a horrid vision of it all going pear shaped, and it looking like I just have dessert round my face!

NYX Suede Lip Liner in London & Los Angeles

Now I read somewhere that lip liner should essentially be your lip primer. And thus I picked up these 2 autumnal/90s shades so hopefully they will work on my reluctant lips.

NYX Warm Neutrals Palette

And this little gem is without a doubt my favourite purchase. I bought the ‘Brights Palette a few weeks back and created a sunset look which I’m obsessed with (view it HERE), so I NEEDED to pick up another. Look how bloomin’ glorious these shades are for Autumn/Winter! It has 16 shades, 7 of them being shimmers and they are stunning, so pigmented and they all tie in so beautifully together. There are so many looks you could create, from natural daytime to full blown smoky glam. Keep your eyes peeled for a look featuring this palette!

(I couldn’t not swatch some of my fav colours!)

It sounds a lot but for the grand total of £50.17 and years of saving, it isn’t as grand as I thought. However, getting all this essentially for free genuinely made my day. I felt like I had stolen from Boots, with genuine shock that the alarm didn’t go off as I left!

What would you buy if you had enough points?

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2 responses to “Boots Haul | What You Can Get for 5,000 Points”

  1. Siyana says:

    I have a few vouchers and I can’t wait to spend them!! I’ve been eyeing the NYX palette and lipstick! x

  2. OMG this NYX palette is so gorgeous! I need to get it it’s so perfect for Autumn. I also have the Rimmel foundation, the concealer and Lip Lingerie and love them. I need to try the NYX lip liners however, I heard there quite good xxx

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