Blog Props You Need For The Perfect Flatlay

28th September 2017

Blogging props. Something that no one ever told you was crucial to being a blogger. Minus thinking of content to write, being permanently on the hunt for interesting and cheap blog props is what the majority of my time is spent on. Blog photography gives you a chance to really sell whatever it is you’re talking about in your post. As well as being a fantastic creative outlet. However, the flatlay, the hallmark to the blogging community. It is both adored and feared, as they create a beautiful snap shot into a seemingly perfect life. And this is what you’re creating with your props, a story. So let’s get into the cheap blog props you need to tell your story.


Marbled backgrounds just seem to be standard practise when it comes to blog photography. And I can see why, it gives the images an edge as well as making the images crisp and bright. However, if marble isn’t tickling your pickle there are so many choices out there. You can usually pick up a roll of background paper for under £5.00, I picked mine up from Urban Outfitters for £3.00 in the sale. It is in literally every photo that has ever featured on my blog. Without a doubt the best investment I’ve made into my blog photography.

Note books

It’s almost shameful the amount of notebooks I have, let’s just say I really don’t have to buy anymore for at least 4 years. Notebooks aren’t the same now as they were when I was in school; adorable stationary came with a hefty price tag. And as a result it was Pukka pads all round. However, that isn’t the case anymore you can pick up aesthetically pleasing stationary for as little as £3.50. Yes, I picked up this gorgeous leaf print notebook (one of the only ones I actually use as a notepad) for £3.50 in Primark.

I also picked up a marble printed notebook from Primark for the same price when I first started out blogging. Funny story, I would use this as my marble background before I discovered you could get rolls of printed backgrounds. It super fun trying to squish everything in, and not let anything roll off the sides.

leaf print notebook

Trinket dishes

I fricken love trinket dishes, even if they weren’t fabulous props, they really are so handy in day to day life. Mine seem to be full of hair ties and grips, what else would they have? I picked up this golden leaf trinket dish from, you guessed it, Primark. I’ve had it for about a year but from memory it wasn’t more than £5.00 (obvs). And I picked this really cool sugar skull dish from Homesense, just for a bit of a seasonal twist for the Autumnal months. And it only conned me out of 399 pennies. BARGAIN!

gold leaf trinket dish & sugar skull trinket dish

Everyday items

Who says you actually have to spend money to take amazing photos? Some of the best props you can use are things that you’ll probably already own. A lipstick, a storage basket, makeup brushes, some jewellery, it really is that simple. Just to add a bit of an ‘au natural’ look, like you really are just getting a snapshot into typical life.

makeup brushes, a MAC lipstick and a Olivia Burton watch inside a copper wired basket

Artificial flowers

I love artificial flowers, especially in the Spring and Summer months when everything is in bloom. When it comes to artificial flowers though, I do think it is better to invest in ones that are more realistic and better quality. Just so it makes your photos look better quality and they will wear a lot better!

I used to have a few bunches from Wilkos as their homeware is usually top notch. They were under £2.00, and you could really tell that they cost me that much. They didn’t even really look like flowers. So they were swiftly dumped when I wondered into The Range and saw 2 beautiful bunches that were only £5/6.00. The quality in comparison was non existent, and they really made my photos look more put together and professional.

artificial flowers

Table gems

I think a little bit of sparkle makes all the difference if you feel like your shot is needing a little something. I picked a little pack of them up in Tesco for £2.00 and I sprinkle them all over the place, the majority of the time.

table gems

Quote boards

Who doesn’t love a good quote? Plus if you have ones that are framed or on a canvas, you can use them as pieces of art in the background of your photo. In my case I sometimes stand them up to hide my shabby skirting board when I’m taking photos. The quote on the left I got from The Card Factory for around £3.00, and then on the right the quote itself is from and it’s in a regular picture frame. This was a gift, but a brilliant idea for a prop, or even a gift!

always believe that something wonderful is about to happen canvas & do something today that your future self will thank you for quote

Let me know your must have blog props!

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9 responses to “Blog Props You Need For The Perfect Flatlay”

  1. I absolutely love the skull trinket dish! It’s so cute. I also never knew that notebooks could be a blogging prop. I need to keep my eyes peeled for a cute one next time I’m shopping for a prop. Great post!

    Pearl ||

  2. Siyana says:

    For me the most important ‘prop’ is the lighting! But I agree with everything else and was actually thinking of doing a similar post 😀

  3. lifeofangela says:

    I love all the little props you use in your flatlays! They’re always so cute 😀
    I’ve recently bought some nice fake plants and flowers, and I’m trying to incorporate them into flat lays. They’re surprisingly hard to do and plan, at least for me 😂
    Also, I can relate with having too many notebooks, they’re so hard to resist! 😂

  4. Flowers are a great way to make a flatly more interesting!

  5. Ella May Garrett says:

    I really needed this post as I need to massively step up my blogging photo game! I have bookmarked this next time I’m shopping! Clearly I need to venture in to Card Factory and TK Maxx/Home Sense and pick up some gems!

  6. mybaseundone says:

    Thank you for this. Got some new ideas to improve my blog photography. You always have beautiful, inspiring flatlays!

  7. Janette says:

    Girl this post is very helpful. I am trying to build my props stash LOL. Also beautiful pictures 🙂 I’m pinning this for late!

  8. Akira says:

    This post was really helpful. I actually checked out notonthehighstreet and they have some really beautiful prints!

  9. Really useful post! Thanks x

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