Perfume Favourites For All Year Round

19th August 2017

Welcome back lovely blogger family! Is it just me or is putting perfume make you feel like you're ready to venture out into the world. I know for me, it gives me a certain spring in my step and ensures my sassy pants are firmly on. I adore super strong scents, that are going to last and last. There's no compliment I love more than someone asking what perfume I'm wearing. So without further ado, my favourite perfumes:

Alien – Mugler

I have had a bottle of this at all times for the best part of 5 years, I absolutely adore it! A few sprays of this and you are smelling fresh to death all day. The staying power of this is insane, and the scent doesn't diminish as the hours roll by – the intensity is there until you wash it off. The scent itself is floral, woody with notes of amber, who doesn't love all of those things? A bottle will set you back about £40 on average, so perfect for a gifting or to be gifted.

Mugler - Alien perfume bottle

Olympea – Paco Rabanne

I feel like there's a Paco Rabanne scent that every single person is obsessed with, and this is most definitely mine. It's the perfect transition perfume as it is subtle enough for day to day, yet if you were to top it up you would be set for a night out. The most noteworthy scent within is salted vanilla, a classic girly scent with a twist. And with some sandelwood and who knows what else thrown in there, it smells amazing in the bottle and even better once it has reacted with your skin. A bottle is just over £40 again, making it ideal for birthdays or a 'To me, love me' present.

Paco Rabanne Olympea perfume bottle

Black Opium - Yves Saint Laurent

And here she is. My absolute queen. My favourite perfume for the past 2 years and nothing has come close to stealing the crown. What can I say about this perfume? If sexy was a smell, it would be this. It's such a rich scent and has so many components. There's black coffee, vanilla to sweeten it up, white florals to make such a strong and powerful smell girly.  And as it is so strong, one spray and there's no hope of it going anywhere. It's a proper 'girl boss' scent. It is a little pricer being closer to the £60 mark, but I personally don't think you can put a price on how you feel. Ride or die forev!
Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium perfume bottle

Let me know if you have tried any of them, and your thoughts! Always looking for a new obsession, so share with me if you have anything I should try! And if you'd like to find out a TOP beauty hack for your makeup, click HERE!

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19 responses to “Perfume Favourites For All Year Round”

  1. Azra says:

    I love Black Opium also, it’s so sexy, absolutely femme fatale fragrance. xx

  2. Thanks for the tip! These perfumes look really nice

  3. Cheila says:

    My favorite is Angel by Mugler!

  4. I love Black Opium!! My favourite is Gucci Premiere but it is crazy expensive 🙁 xxx

  5. Only1LadyV says:

    I have been looking for a new fragrance and since we both like Black Opium, we must like similar smells. I’ll have to try the other 2 you have here! This Alien bottle one looks so pretty!

  6. Natalie Vinh says:

    Such a lovely post, I’m always looking for new perfumes to try. My current favorite is Daisy by Marc Jacobs!

  7. Beyoutiful says:

    Those bottles look so cute and def need to try the Black Opium!

  8. Black opium is my all time favourite perfume! Still need to try the alien perfume. xx

  9. TheTypicalBeautyBlog says:

    I absolutely love the Olympea! It smells so gorgeous! & the black opium is nice too 🙂 I just wanted to stop by and let you know that I’ve tagged you in the beauty blogger tag, heres my post

    I’d love to read your answers to the questions, let me know when you write yours? 🙂 xx

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