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Dear Diary

Perfume Favourites For All Year Round

19th August 2017

Welcome back lovely blogger family! Is it just me or is putting perfume make you feel like you're ready to venture out into the world. I know for me, it gives me a certain spring in my step and ensures my sassy pants are firmly on. I adore super strong scents, that are going to last and last. There's no compliment I love more than…

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‘No Makeup’ Makeup Tutorial in 5 Products

17th August 2017

Hello again pumpkins! I think every girl in the world is guilty of the same thing. Claiming to ‘not be wearing any makeup’ when secretly, we are. We all do it. It’s not cheating, simply amplifying our natural beauty. I do this look a lot as 1. I’m super lazy and 2. it’s super quick. As this is a minimal look, I use as few…

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Holy Grail Products | Collab with Shannon Clare

15th August 2017

Welcome back my little loves. Today I’m going to be collaborating with the lovely Shannon at for our top 5 Holy grail products. Go and check this beauty out, she does some fabulous beauty and skincare posts, as well as a good old wish list – some of my favourites! So without further delaying, let’s get into my 5 Holy grail products (none of these…

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Smokey Eye Tutorial | CT Luxury Palette in ‘Uptown Girl’

12th August 2017

Hello my loves. I posted a selfie (of course I did) to my Instagram a few days ago and asked if anyone would like to see how I accomplished the look. So here we are, my smokey eye tutorial featuring the most luxurious makeup product I own – the Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Palette in ‘Uptown Girl’. I think there is a lot of concern around…

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Birchbox Unboxing | August 2017

10th August 2017

Can we just take a minute to realise the majority of the summer is over. ANYWAY on a brighter note, it's August, meaning it's Birchbox unboxing time! And I'll let you in on a little secret, this has been my favourite box so far! So let's get into it: Spectrum, A05 Brush in Glam Clam, RRP £59.99 for full set I have never been so…

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