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Dear Diary: Thing’s That Made Me Cry This Week

Dear Diary: Thing’s That Made Me Cry This Week

It’s been one of those weeks, and we’re only just over half way through it. I’m not due on my period and yet, I have cried more and been more emotional in the past few days than I have in an absolute age.

Y’know one little thing happens and then you start to spiral into a pit of wallowing despair? Hi, that pit has been my abode for the last few days and I’m ready to clamber on out. And the best way to do that? Get it all out there in the open – I mean, what’s the point in having a blog if you can’t vent a lil right? Right.

So without further adieu, here are some things that have made me cry/sad/glum/a fun sucker and that will hopefully brighten your day a little:

  • I had my first experience at the dental hygienist, and it was like medieval torture. My teeth don’t feel like they sit right and I had a little sob in the chair. And when the hygienist asked if I was okay, I instantly spluttered out ‘oh fine, I’m just sweaty’ – cool, good job Jade, sweaty is much better than just crying.
  • I bought a pair of mom jeans, thinking they’d be the most comfortable garms to ever embrace my legs. Alas, I couldn’t get them over my thighs. And obviously had a little cry looking at myself in the mirror, and proceeded to cry more seeing myself cry.
  • I watched an episode of Bones where a baby is born, and cried at how happy the little fictitious family seemed.
  • I couldn’t think of anything I really wanted to write about for this weeks blog posts, obvs because I’ve been crying too much and my brain has stopped functioning.
  • My ex-best friend physically turned away and blanked my mum when she bumped into her in a coffee shop and said hello.
  • My local shop had sold out of the £1 mini bags of Kinder.
  • New Look reposted so many photos of that zebra print skirt on their Instagram, except mine – and I clearly felt incredibly wronged.
  • I had a day off on my own and cried thinking about going back to work my day-job.
  • Searching for houses in our budget and finding one that looked like a serial killer den, and then proceeded onto a ‘we’ll never find a nice house, waaah’ self pity cry.
  • Ben said he’d go to London with me on Sunday and be my photographer and had a little ‘he’s so cute’ sob.
  • Cried that I had cried so much of late.

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