Makeup & Tricks for Acne Skin

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As I’ve mentioned numerous times on my blog, I suffered with acne for nearly 2 years. At the very beginning, one of the hardest things for me to deal with was actually concealing the breakouts with my makeup. However, during that time I learnt some tricks and found some products that really worked for me! So without further ado, lets get into it:

My holy grail makeup product

Getting straight into it, bareMineral Original Foundation was the answer to all my prayers. It’s a mineral foundation it doesn’t have that heavy feeling on the sore breakout areas, the staying power is amazing as it just blends and conceals in every nook and cranny. And bareMinerals is such a lovely makeup brand as there’s nothing nasty in there and my skin actually started to improve the longer I used it – albeit very slowly! I use the shade ‘Fairly Light’ and I’m on my 4th pot!

Primer is your best friend!

I cannot emphasis enough how much it helps to use a good primer. It allows your makeup to sit on top of the primer rather than sinking into your skin – which may aggravate your breakout, and will actually allow your makeup to conceal what you want it to. It also smooths out your skin, so any smaller bumps or large pores are irrelevant. The best product I found is the Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer – it is a little pricer, however it didn’t aggravate my breakouts as it’s oil-free, it had the best results for my makeup application and it lasts an absolute lifetime. A real investment and must have!

Concealing the beasts.

Finding actual concealer that would cover my breakouts was harder than I thought. I personally found that liquid concealers just made what was underneath worse and I was need worse .. you get the picture. The best concealer for actually hiding what I wanted to hide and staying power was the bareMinerals Correcting Concealer in the shade ‘Light 2’ – as it’s a colour corrector it reduces the redness and with some of the bareMinerals Original Foundation to set it isn’t budging! I would put this on using clean fingers rather than a brush as I felt it applied better if I patted it on rather than brushing. Also brushes are packed out with germs.

Clean those brushes!

Bringing me to my next point. MAKE SURE YOU’RE WASHING YOUR MAKEUP TOOLS! As your using the tools are your breakout, the germs from that are going onto the brush and just manifesting and multiplying and then you’ll put those germs back onto your face the next time you use it. Make a habit of washing your tools at least once a week to eliminate those germs!

Do you need to wear makeup?

As simple as it sounds, do you actually need to wear makeup? Unless I was going somewhere I would never put any on – giving my skin an opportunity to breath and heal. I know it’s hard and you’ll want to just hide the breakout away. BUT if you give your skin a break, chances are it’ll heal a hell of a lot faster!

Distract from the skin.

One of my favourite things to do if I was going on a night out or something, I would distract from my skin. I would do a statement eye look or hairstyle, so the focus from my skin would be moved somewhere else. God bless you smokey eyes!

And there we go! I hope this helps anyone who is struggling with the same issues, and this potentially eases the pain! Be sure to follow me for future posts and check out my Instagram! As always thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you next time xx


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