Things That Grind My Gears

17th April 2017

Happy Monday lovelies! I’m like detol when it comes to being calm and happy – 99.9% of the time nothing bothers me. It literally just washes over me, not my concern. HOWEVER. There are a few things that grate on me beyond belief. I don’t know why, but when these things happen I can feel my fury burning like the heat of a thousand suns. The 5 things that grind my gears.

1.People barging past you.

THIS IS MY NUMBER ONE THING. I cannot help but get extremely vicious/ get in trouble when someone barges past me. Why? Why is there any need to do it? The amount of times there’s so much room either side of me when I’m walking and someone steams past and either knocks me or my bag. The classic ‘excuse you’ as they do so is spat at them afterwards. It probably won’t be long before I get a slap for being so massacre.

2. When people don’t say thank you when you bless them.

When someone sneezes, you say ‘bless you’ and it goes completely un-thanked. Fine. Get the plague. See if I care.

3. Chewing.

Chewing in every sense makes me so angry and I couldn’t even tell you why. It makes my blood boil with the heat of 1000 suns if I can hear you chewing. And if your mouth is open when it’s happening, and I can see the massacre that’s going on in there … I will happily serve time to make you stop. I feel that it’s my duty as a citizen.

4.  Restaurant etiquette.

While we’re on the subject of eating, one of my biggest gripes is eating out and there being one of the following. A large group of people, who have had too much to drink and are so loud you can’t think straight. And badly behaved children. I’ve had it before now a child has come up to me and taken my food off my plate … you can imagine my horror. Please keep an eye on your children/ drunk friends. I’ve paid too much money as it is for the experience to be ruined.

5. People who have to one up you.

I think everyone in the world knows someone like this, that they always have to do one better than you – regardless of what it may be. If you’ve had a cold, they’ve had the flu. If you’re going on holiday, they’re going on 2. I don’t understand the need! Please explain to me.

Thank you for reading angels, let me know some things that grind your gears! Until next time! xx


16 responses to “Things That Grind My Gears”

  1. Elsie LMC says:

    Great post! I can relate to getting annoyed with allot of things on your list 😂 what annoys me is when I’m out shopping with my friends or family and it gets busy so we make our way out of the shop, they say they are “right behind me” but when I look back from the entrance they are nowhere to be seen 😂 I have to awkwardly go back into the shop and find what they got sidetracked by now 😂💗

  2. wordofrachel says:

    The kids thing! Yes! I used to work in a hotel bar and restaurant and when groups of families get together they let their kids run wild and it’s such a pain! They used to break so much stuff and the parents would just sent their kids had done it!

    • bellainizio says:

      Oh my gosh don’t, I used to work in a pub with the same thing. A kid threw up on the carpet on my first day and the parents refused to clean it … what did I do to deserve that? 😂 thank you for reading lovely! X

  3. Cheila says:

    Loved this post. It made me laugh!! xx

  4. this was a lot of fun to read haha! It’s so strange how everyone has different pet peeves. Mine is definitely:
    1. When I receive advice when i didn’t ask for it. Not just friendly advice of course. But the pushy type.
    2. When people aren’t open and just keeping on pushing their opinion. They are just deaf for anything else and only hear their own voices.
    3. When someone’s lying in your face and doing it very bad… I can understand you’d have the need for a white lie, but at least do it good!
    4. When you obviously don’t want to do something, you don’t want to invite someone, or don’t want to go somewhere and that people keep on pushing…
    Man, I just hate pushy people, bottom line haha!!! xoxo Sarah

    • bellainizio says:

      Haha thank you my love! Oh god tell me about it, if I didn’t ask for your opinion don’t give it to me! 😂 I’m not about that life either, especially because I’m so laid back! I can’t understand how people can get so in my face haha! Xx

  5. lifeofangela says:

    Great post! I relate to all of these, especially the barging past when there’s miles of space around. Just…why?

  6. Aricouture says:

    This was really funny to read, I can totally relate to the chewing one. Lol!😂😂

  7. tia says says:

    Loved this post!😂 xx

  8. Jenn Bell says:

    This is all true! Had a good giggle at it.. 😂

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