Why I’ve Deleted Twitter On My Phone, And You Should Too

7th December 2018

Ah Twitter. Where there was once so much light, now there is a baron wasteland of seasonal pun display names and Drake GIFs.

I opened my Twitter account for my blog in July 2017 and I couldn’t believe the difference between it and Instagram. It seemed like totally different ends of the spectrum. With Instagram being that bitchy girl you work with who wears her skirt round her neck, and cannot wait to start a hideous rumour about you once your back is turned. And Twitter being that glorious friend that comes round with pizza and vokda when you’re sad.

Instagram seemed to tear you down, and Twitter was where you went to build yourself back up. It was a place of support and engagement on a whole new level. A place where you could promote your latest blog posts, howl at the James Blunt’s comebacks to trolls and a place where there was no such thing as ‘follow/unfollow’. It was bliss.

However, of late it seems that the paradox has shifted. Twitter now seems to be a place of bullying and spitefulness. You can’t seem to scroll for more than a few seconds without seeing a thread of indirect slander. It seems Twitter is where you go to bitch about what you’ve seen on Instagram. From jealous tweets about brand collaborations, to straight up ripping the shit out of someone’s appearance. It’s a disgrace.

Aimed at people who really haven’t done anything wrong. I saw a tweet saying along the lines of ‘I wish Primark stocked online so I could place an order’, the tweet was retweeted and liked thousands of times. But not in a ‘can I get an amen’ kinda way, no, people jumping down this poor girls throat. Almost looking for a reason to be upset.

It seems that Twitter has become a very serious environment, where everything said is taken literally, There is no such thing as light heartedness, and in all honesty has become the new Facebook. You’ll browse for a couple of minutes, stalk for a little while and very quickly become bored again.

But the real thing that sticks in my throat is the growing number of keyboard warriors on Twitter. Pete2892 is as quiet as a dormouse out in the world, but put him in front of a screen and he will go on a spree of ‘you look fat in that dress’, ‘you seem like a nice girl, but your left nostril is slightly bigger than your right’, ‘if you want to be happy, just get over it’. Pete2892 can get in the fucking bin. When did people stop minding their own business?

I find myself sat with gritted teeth fighting the urge to reply, ‘were you not taught that; if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything?’, but then that’s me only adding to the drama and giving the situation more attention than it deserves. And ultimately joining in on everything that makes Twitter a bloody downer.

To top it off I went into my message request folder and it was littered with messages from creepy men with greyed out photo messages. I did not sign up for unwarranted dick pics, I’m done. It’s a freaky, negative little playground, with the kids running around pushing each other over and pulling on people’s bunchies.

Call me when you’ve grown up Twitter.


4 responses to “Why I’ve Deleted Twitter On My Phone, And You Should Too”

  1. I actually never really used twitter much, but I’ve notice the same thing lately, where it became really toxic place. I don’t really spend time there any more or any social media site. I’m totally of Instagram as well, don’t really spend time there also. But I still have blogs, where I can read nice articles and enjoy the supportive community. xx

  2. I totally agree with you, with less hype and following I still feel genuine people coming, talking and sharing stuff. Just wish wordpress becomes more navigation friendly where I can discover more of small and big bloggers.

  3. lilyandr says:

    Love your blog so much !! So professional

  4. zoey says:

    I completely agree with you! Twitter has become a ‘bitching fest’ which is a shame as I really love the platform.

    Zoey | https://www.zoeyolivia.com

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