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Dear Diary

Things That Grind My Gears

17th April 2017

Happy Monday lovelies! I’m like detol when it comes to being calm and happy – 99.9% of the time nothing bothers me. It literally just washes over me, not my concern. HOWEVER. There are a few things that grate on me beyond belief. I don’t know why, but when these things happen I can feel my fury burning like the heat of a thousand suns. The…

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MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation Review

10th April 2017

Good morning honey pies! Today I’m going to be doing my first product review, featuring the MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation. This foundation has been a cult beauty product for as long as I can remember, so how it’s taken me this long to finally test it out is boarder-line embarrassing. I was gifted this for Christmas in the shade NW15 – living my pale life…

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