Is Black Friday Encouraging Us Into Debt?

23rd November 2018

Black Friday has gone from one day every year in America where people get trampled trying to get flat screen TVs for 70% off, to a worldwide 2 week long discount fest. And whilst it is brilliant, and there are so many amazing bargains to be had. Is it really that great?

For the past week I feel a little bit attacked. My emails have been overflowing with advertisements from every online shop I have even browsed upon over the past 20 years. Screaming at me that their sale is the best sale. My Instagram feed and stories have been completely saturated with swipe up affiliate links to hundreds of different items that are in the sale. And I haven’t read a blog post over the past week that isn’t ‘The Black Friday Deals Worth Knowing About’. And whilst I completely understand and absolutely support these amazing people for having their own business, and taking the opportunity to make some serious coin. It’s a bit bloody much.

The saying is true; with great power comes great responsibility. And the same thing applies to those with a large following. Absolutely promote products that you own and love to get your followers some money off whilst making a bit of income for yourself. More power to you. What I don’t agree with is promoting excessive spending when it’s something that influencer has never owned, has never used and has no genuine intention of doing so either.

‘I’m not going to spend my money on it, but you should, and use my affiliate link’.

The Black Friday sales are perfect if you were going to buy something anyway, and it just so happens to be now discounted. If you want to treat yourself or someone else to something a little more luxurious than you would normally like to spend, jump on that bandwagon queen. The only thing to remember is, don’t lose yourself in the percentage.

‘It’s got 20% off, that’s a huge saving.’

And whilst yes, 20% off is great. 20% off of a £100 bag is still £80 that you’re spending.

The thing to remember is; nothing is a bargain if you didn’t want it in the first place, you’ll never actually use it or you genuinely can’t afford it even at the discount price. Absolutely nothing is worth getting yourself in debt. And whilst you may be bombarded with suggestions and swipe up links, you don’t actually have to get anything at all. Never feel pressured by anyone into doing (or spending) anything you don’t want to.

And truth be told? Unless it’s like ASOS where it’s 20% off the entirety of the website, the selected lines with discounts are usually the stuff they’re trying to get rid of before the mid-season new collection. And for me, unless it’s something classic that isn’t following a trend, it feels a bit like wading through pages of yuck.

In summary of this little rant? Everything you see advertised is only a suggestion, you don’t have to buy anything you don’t want to. No one wants you in debt or surrounded in a pile of junk you felt you needed to buy because it was discounted.


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