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28th October 2017

As soon as Suicide Squad came out in the cinema, essentially a lifetime ago now, I turned to my boyfriend and said ‘and there’s every girls Halloween costume this year’. Well jokes on you Jade, it’s yours only when it’s not trendy anymore. I just adore Harley Quinn in this film, she’s an absolute fruit loop and doesn’t give a s**t. Not only is it a fun look, it’s cute and actually really easy to do once you have the equipment. So lets get into the Harley Quinn Halloween makeup look!

You know the drill, do your full glam makeup so you have a beautiful canvas to work on and make look crazy. I would use a lighter foundation and would shy away from bronzer as the look is meant to be a little washed out.


Yo’ girl Harley is all about colour, and not very well done may I add. Meaning it’s such an easy look, as you really can’t get it wrong. I used, as always, the NYX Ultimate Brights Eyeshadow palette and took the hot pink http://www.replicawatcheschina.com shade on one eyelid, and the aqua blue on the other and just smooshed it all over and under my eyes. Giving it a smudged and ‘idgaf’ vibe.

Now that’s done, to give the eyes a little more drama and to neaten the look up, we’re going to put winged liner. As if you expected any less. And for this I used my beloved Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Liner, as it is so pigmented and quick and easy to control. And once that’s done, sweep some mascara on. Doesn’t matter if it goes in the wrong places, as it will just add to the look. And I used the Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Mascara that I was kindly gifted by Influenster (keep your eyes peeled for a cheeky review!).


In the film Harley has 2 facial tattoos. A little heart next to her eye, and the word ‘ROTTEN’ above her jaw line. So we’re going to do that too. Again, I had to use my Stila Liquid Liner as it creates crisp and clean lines. So I slowly drew the outline of my heart and filled it in. if it goes a bit wonky, just grab some liquid concealer and a small concealer brush and you can straighten that out.

Now the word ‘ROTTEN’ was tough, as obviously if you was to write the word in the mirror it would be backwards. So what I did was right the word onto a bit of paper and then hold it under my face to see what I had to copy. I does feel weird essentially writing backwards but again, if it goes wrong you can tidy up with some concealer.


And as we’re going for a bit of a ‘hot mess’ vibe, I decided to overline my lips with NYX Suede Lip Liner in ‘Los Angeles’. Then I went over atvs mini disposable e cigs cola 600 puff 2 the top with the Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick in ‘Get Fired’. Once I had done that, I drew with the lipstick on the corners of my mouth outward. And then smudged that lipstick to mess the look back up.

What to wear

In the film she has her hair in bunches with bits of fringe falling out. A t-shirt, short shorts with fishnet tights and big bulky boots. So I would get it as close to that as I could. Doesn’t have to be spot on, and obviously putting your own spin on any look always turns out better!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN WEEKEND ANGELS! What has been your favourite look from my #Halloweek?

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  1. Natalie Vinh says:

    I’ve been loving these posts so much!

  2. Sophie says:


  3. Love your blog especially this post! FAB looks & style, thanks for the recent like on my page would be great if you might follow me back I’m now following you http://www.beautyontheside.com thanks so much and keep up your fab work 🙂 tamara

  4. Rebecca Allatt says:

    Love this look, great post x

  5. Harley Quinn is so great for a Halloween costume!

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