How To Improve Your Blogging Game

31st August 2017

Hello hello hello my little angels. It dawned on me not long ago that I have had my little blog for around 6 months, and I’m honestly stunned. It feels like no time at all has passed, and with the same breath it feels like forever. In a good way obvs. Looking back at some of my very first posts (which have been made private now, gag gag city) I’ve realised how much I have improved. Not only in terms of the growth and popularity of my blog, but how much I’ve learnt about the whole world behind it. So I thought it’s time to share my blogging tips with you!

First of all I would like to REALLY emphasis that I am not a professional blogger, it is merely a hobby. And the things that I have listed below are just the things I have done, that I personally think has improved my blog. Now that’s all cleared up, let’s go!

Get your own domain

I think this is the most crucial thing to up your blog’s ante. It does involve an investment, but if you’re serious about your blog it’ll pay for itself. It makes you look more professional to other bloggers, brands and you have control over the aesthetics. Which to me, pays for itself. You can do this buy investing in a different ‘Plan’ that includes a domain name. Or take the leap of faith like I did, and go self hosted. You can see my thoughts on going self hosted HERE.

Post regularly

A bit of an obvious one, but it still somehow gets neglected. I’ve had comments before asking me how I’ve managed to get my following in a short space of time. And I largely believe it’s because I’ve posted at least 3 times a week since the very beginning. If you post once every few weeks, as sad as it is, people will forget. While new posts are coming in everyday minute of the day, yours is getting pushed further and further back. Leading to it being less likely it’ll be found.

Quality over quantity

On the back of the previous point, don’t just post any old thing for the sake of it. No one is going to be mega interested in a post that is clearly just thrown together. You should try and aim for set days that you post your blogs, for example I post on Tuesday’s, Thursday’s and Saturday’s. And so far I haven’t missed one yet, as for me it is an achievable goal – touch wood!

Get on the social media hype

Adding an Instagram and Twitter account in conjunction with your blog, will be one of the best moves you make. It is an extra platform for you to advertise your blog. Meet follow bloggers you never would have, and get inspired by their work. And it’s a place you can add a personal touch, breaking down the barrier between you and your audience. I’ve discovered some of my absolute FAVOURITE bloggers through these platforms. Broaden your horizons!


It really is as simple as it sounds. The more you engage with other bloggers, reading and commenting on their posts, following them on social media etc. They are likely to do the same, if you take an interest they will too. It’s as simple as that. Supporting one another is the foundations of blogging.

Take pride in your photos

This is something I seriously neglected for a while, I thought as long as you could see what I was talking about it was fine. WRONG. If your image is boring, it isn’t really going to spark much interest with your readers. It’s a chance to showcase whatever it is you’re talking about, as well as a chance to get creative. And while we’re on the subject, editing photos and making sure they’re in focus. If you take a photo in a gloomy corner in the middle of the night, I imagine the camera/phone will find it hard to focus. Making it so no one can really see the photo, and a bit of a pointless extra. Have fun with photos, they shouldn’t be a chore but a way of amplifying your post!

Let me know if you would like me to elaborate on any of the points, or even make dedicated posts to certain topics – I would love to hear from you!

As always thank you for reading my lovelies, if you enjoyed this post please do follow me for future entries. Also be sure to check out my social media linked below so we can be best pals on all platforms. And I’ll see you all next time, xx

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17 responses to “How To Improve Your Blogging Game”

  1. Madison Convey says:

    Great tips, thank you!

  2. Brilliant tips and perfect advice from a blogger who is totally acing it! Thank you xx

  3. I am LOVING those quads with the hearts in the middle! What’s the name of that?

  4. lifeofangela says:

    6 months already! Crazy how time is flying by 😀
    These are all great tips Bella 🙂

  5. simplychanteblog says:

    This was so so helpful, thank you!

  6. Holly says:

    Hi Bella – great post! Thanks for sharing!
    I’m trying to seriously up my game after a summer of neglect and am embarking on some serious getting my arse in gear now!
    I still don’t advertise my posts on IG – do you think it massively helps? I think I’m just still shy about sharing – does that make sense?
    Holly xxx ///

    • bellainizio says:

      Ahhh it’s good to have some time off and reflect – bet you feel refreshed! I think it does help in all honesty, as my following on my social medias essentially triples the amount of potential viewers! You shouldn’t be shy though angel, what is it that’s making you feel that way? Xxx

      • Holly says:

        I have written a blog on and off for YEARS, but never told anyone. My old blogs are long gone and deleted, and my new one I’m much more feeling… but maybe I just feel like my writing/photos/all of it isn’t up to par to share with people I know who don’t “get” what blogging is??!! DOes that make sense? Or should I just do it?

  7. Thank you for the post and love all the photos!

  8. Mariah Alyse says:

    I just started a blog and this was super helpful! thank you so much!!!

  9. Great tips! I definitely agree with that and the most important thing I believe is to put passion and love into your blog… because it’s unique to you x

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