Current Skincare Routine

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The best base you can ever have for your makeup starts with a skincare routine that works for you. It has taken me a little bit of time, and occasionally it various but this is my everyday skincare routine.


Step 1 

As I have insanely oily skin and used to suffer with acne, I found that the Garnier ‘PureActive’ range really is a unsung hero for skincare. Not only is it affordable and easily accessible, it’s so gentle on the skin whilst clearing up any blemishes or discolouration and keeps your skin looking perfect. With this in mind I put the Garnier ‘PureActive’ Micellar Cleansing Water onto some cottons pads (you’ll be needing a few of them) to remove my makeup and any oils and whatnot I have collected on my skin throughout the day.

Step 2 

Once I have done that I splash some warm water on my face (warm NOT hot, as I find this irritates my skin) and then use the Garnier ‘PureActive’ Exfobrusher Spot Fighter and really work the product into my skin until it starts to foam. As this product has a built in brush I feel that it is able to go that little bit further than you are able to with you fingers, and really gets all the grim out. I leave the product on my face until the foam has sunk into my skin before I rinse it off with even more warm water.

Step 3

After I have let my skin air dry, I take the Clarins Cleansing Milk for oily or combination skin and put this onto a cotton pad and really buff it into the skin to put back in some moisture that might have been stripped away.

Step 4

Next I use the Clarins Toning Lotion to get rid of any extra residue, I also find that this is where my pores are tightened up and it almost provides a barrier for any germs or bacteria. The Clarins duo are a little bit on the pricer side, however the two together I’ve noticed a decrease in any little annoying blemishes or flakey patches. I have also only just repurchased mine and I’ve been using them for around 6 months. They will be going on my Christmas list for the rest of my life!

Step 5

If I have any dry sections on my face (which is very rare) and on my T zone I use the Simple Clear Skin Oil Balancing Moisturiser as it is extremely light weight, and doesn’t feel like your pores are being clogged – another must have on my list!

Step 6

And the final step is something that has recently creeped into my routine and I absolutely adore it. It’s the Benefit It’s Potent Eye Cream – I picked up the miniature but once I’ve run out I’ll be purchasing the full size! The cream actually reduces the darkness of your under eye circles as well as being an amazing moisturiser. Just be sure not to get the cream anywhere near your actual eye … as let me tell you, it stings like a goodun.

And there we have it, my current skincare routine! Please let me know any of your skincare must haves, always willing to shake things up! Thank you so much for reading! Be sure to follow me for future posts and check out my Instagram for daily nonsense! Until next time xx

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